Potenza featured on Bloomberg TV’s The American Dream

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Oct. 16, 2018 — Potenza, an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company for five straight years, was featured Saturday, Oct. 13, on Bloomberg TV’s the American Dream.

Potenza, a Lafayette-based, award-winning full-service 360 marketing firm, is excited to be recognized for its innovative approach to marketing in the last decade on The American Dream, which has chronicled such household names as VistaPrint, VariDesk and more.

Potenza CEO Frankie Russo expressed excitement about the appearance, saying he was humbled by the notoriety.

“We’re thrilled to appear on such a prestigious network and on an exciting show that is telling such great stories about entrepreneurs who overcame early struggles to reach great heights,” said Russo.

The American Dream, which appears exclusively on Bloomberg TV, highlights the rise of some of America’s most successful companies through the lens of the founders that built them.

Russo said Potenza’s story is about great teamwork, a shared vision and tireless employees and leadership.

“Our success is about teamwork. From when my brother Giorgio (Russo) and I set out to do something special a decade ago, to our day-to-day creative efforts that include so many staff members,” said Russo.

“Our goal when we started Potenza was to, first, make our clients believe in us, then to make our community believe in our clients. That’s what guides us every day, and, that, I think, is why we’re gaining such national recognition.

Episodes of “The American Dream” are available to stream on demand on Amazon Prime.”

For more information, contact Natalie Sandoz at 337-408-3254, ext. 1002 or at natalie@potenzamarketing.com.

20 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Navigating the iTunes or Android app stores can be a little overwhelming. If you’ve ever thought, “there should be an app for that,” there probably is an app for that. With a variety of different ride sharing, budgeting, money sharing, and recipe apps, how do you know which ones are credible or useful? We’ve come up with a list of 15 free and 5 paid applications that you’ve probably never heard of, but you will definitely find useful!


This app is ideal for all of the frequent movie-goers out there. This app tells you the perfect time to go to the bathroom during every movie – just select the movie you’re seeing and it will tell you what you missed when you get back. Now you can get your large drink at the movies and not worry about missing the best parts!

Defined as your “smart cooking sidekick,” this app provides you with personalized recipe recommendations, helpful tools, and in-depth guidance along the way. You can also add recipes to your shopping list directly on the app! Yummly will help you improve your cooking skills in no time.

ChefsFeed provides you with recommendations for dining out that come straight from the food and beverage professionals themselves. This app features videos and stories, city guides that allow you to plan the perfect date, happy hour, or weekend trip, venue hours and directions, and maps that show the best dishes, cocktails, coffee, and beer near you.

The perfect app for the beer connoisseur. Share great beers, your favorite breweries, and the best venues with your friends while earning badges. On Untappd, you can create a list of your favorite beers, get alerts when your favorite venue adds more beers to their menu, and discover nearby venues, events , nd beers that suit your tastes!

A simple way to split the bill among friends. Take a picture of the receipt and select your items to claim them. Tax and tip are calculated for you in the app and even connects to popular money sending apps for easy payment!

The easiest money sending app there is. Money goes directly from bank account to bank account, no manually transferring from the app to your bank account or debit card. Zelle is much easier and safer than some of the other apps that offer the same services.

Sweat Deck is a workout app that changes it up for Apple users. This deck of cards allows you to mix up your workout routine with endless combinations of workouts. Assign an exercise to each suit and perform the cards as they’re drawn from the deck. This app is probably not for workout fanatics, but definitely for those who want to make a trip to the gym part of their daily routine or even just change up their workout regimen.  

A simple way to reframe your stress. Headspace offers guided meditations and mindfulness techniques to bring wellness, calm, and balance to your everyday life. This app will teach you the fundamental techniques of mindfulness and meditation.

Guides is packed with offline maps, must-see destinations, audio phrasebooks, and neighborhood guides, making this app the ultimate city guide to wherever your heart leads you. This app also includes a currency converter, transportation information, and a “near me” function. Bring Guides along on all your upcoming excursions!

Find travel adventures and new places, access vacation home rentals, even begin earning money as a host! Airbnb is widely known, but this app is a must-have. You can book unforgettable travel experiences right on the app, short or long-term.

The first real travel social community. With Holiday Swap, you and another person swap homes for the duration of your vacation. This allows you to save money for other expenses for your trip. You look through properties and locations and match with people based on your personal preferences.

Another more well-known app, Waze allows you to always know what’s happening on the road ahead. Keep up with traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more. Waze will change your route to keep you out of traffic and alert you when something happens on your route. Waze is definitely useful in bigger cities with more traffic or when you’re looking for the quickest route.

HUJI Cam gives your photographs a vibrant filter and keeps your memories alive by dating them. This app is very simple. You open the app and it looks like a disposable camera. After you snap a few pictures, you can look through them in the gallery. The best feature is the date; it makes the photo look like an authentic printed photograph on your phone.

The ultimate goal and habit tracking app. This app tracks any habits or goals you desire. Strides is a SMART goal tracker, sending reminders to hold you accountable and charts to keep you motivated. Strides has been called “the most comprehensive, user-friendly, beautifully designed goal-tracking app available.”

For all the fashionistas out there. Rent the Runway allows you to choose from a wide selection of designer items and rent them. The app offers one-time rentals, unlimited rental access, and monthly shipments. This app gives you the wardrobe flexibility you’ve always dreamed of.


A photo editing experience. Afterlight 2 offers advanced photo editing tools, artwork, text, filter collections, filter editing, double exposure and much, much more. This is the ultimate photo editing app, with constant updates and a one-time payment.

Known as the most intuitive and delightful calendar app you’ll ever use. This app allows very easy event creation, weather updates, travel time estimations to meetings and events, and helpful hints. This app is free to download, but requires a subscription to access the full application.

Streaks is a to-do list app that allows you to form good habits. You can track up to 12 tasks you complete each day with easy, advanced customization. Streaks links to your health app and reminds you when things need to be completed.

The ultimate budget and expense app for Apple users. Pennies allows you to keep track of your spending habits an expenses while gearing you towards saving money. Pennies is simple and easy to use, unlike some of the other budgeting apps. It helps you know how much money you can spend and how much you should save, and can create multiple budgets.

This app basically converts your iPhone into a portable scanner. Scanner Pro allows you to scan and save paper documents on your iPhone. Scan anything from photographs, multiple page documents to receipts. Scanner Pro detects borders and corrects distortion and geometry.

– Molly Little, Summer Marketing Intern

Marketing For Your Audience: B2B vs. B2C

An essential part of any marketing effort is knowing your audience. You can better target them if you have a stronger understanding of who they are. There are multiple ways you can accomplish this. For example start by doing research, studying your competitors, getting to know your customers personally, conducting surveys, and monitoring reader comments and engagement. This can lead to more conversations, which will ultimately lead to more money.

Something you may be asking yourself: Are selling to a business and selling to a consumer really that different? Do you have to have separate strategies for each?

In short, yes. You will need different methods and materials for marketing to these distinct groups, as well as unique marketing approaches. However, you can use the same logic in targeting both.


When selling to businesses, you are usually making a bigger sale than to individual consumers. This means it is going to be a harder sale to make. Planning for a business market is similar to a consumer market in that you still need a stronger understanding of your audience. However, you will have to consider their position in their market, rather than individual demographics.

When selling to another business, you will need to focus on building relationships and communicating to generate leads. Your audience will be made of individuals who also understand marketing, so they will be harder to sell to. In this situation, you will want to appeal to authority.

How will your product benefit their business? How can you show them this?

Target those who could convince other businesses to buy your product, who could be advocates for your product. These are the people who will actually use and benefit from what you’re selling.


What are you selling? Who is buying? How do you find them? Study the demographics of your average consumer. How old are they? Male or female? Where are they located?

If you have more than one audience, you should determine the percentage breakdown of your entire audience. Is there a middle ground in which you can target both? Find out where they spend most of their time – watching television, surfing the web. That will be where you can reach them. Then, you can divide your funds appropriately and allocate money to the most important media outlets.

Let’s Get Started!

The bottom line is that the decision to buy depends on the buyers’ perspective about the purchase. For businesses, they want to use your product to better their business. For consumers, they want to use your product to better their daily lives in some way. Understand what motivates your buyer. Help them determine the value of your product. Build brand awareness and foster positive conversations around your brand.

Looking for help determining your target consumer? Our POTENZA Marketing experts can help!

– Molly Little, Summer Marketing Intern

10 Interview Essentials

Preparing for an interview can be intimidating. It can be hard putting yourself out there and asking for employment from someone you probably don’t know. If you are not well-prepared leading up to your interview, a variety of things could go wrong. SO, we have put together a list of 10 interview essentials to help you land your #dreamjob!

  1. Look up the time and location of your interview

What time is your interview? What building is your interview in? Which room or floor number? There are plenty of important details to prepare for before heading to your interview.

  1. Research the company you are interviewing with

What do they do? What goods do they produce? What services do they provide? What do they specialize in? Your interviewer may ask you why you chose to apply to their company, so it’s important to know why.

  1. Know the position you are interviewing for

Applying for an Internship? Looking for a full-time or part-time position? It’s important to know when you are preparing for your interview. You need to be able to identify how you would be good at this position and what you can contribute.

  1. Check who the interviewer is

It’s time to put your stalking skills to use! What is their position within the company? If the company’s website has pictures, it can be helpful to know what this person looks like so you can identify them more easily.

  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

This is almost always asked in every interview. This is your chance to brag about yourself a little bit. Take your weaknesses and turn them into a positive thing. How can you grow in this position to overcome your weaknesses? How can your weaknesses actually help you in this position? How have you gotten past these weaknesses in similar positions or jobs at other companies?

  1. Review your resume

ALWAYS update your resume and reference list and bring it to the interview. Some interviewers like to review the hard-copy while sitting with you to go over your previous jobs and experiences.

  1. Prepare a couple questions to ask at the end of the interview

What are they looking for in a potential employee? What will you be doing in this position? What will you learn? Who will you be working with? It’s important to know these things!

  1. Arrive early

I would say 15 to 20 minutes, just to be on the safe side. This gives you time to find the building or room, go to the bathroom, allows for unplanned traffic, etc. You also want to show your interviewer that this interview and position matters to you. Just make sure you don’t get there too early so your interviewer won’t feel like they are forced to start early.

  1. Dress to impress

For an interview, business casual is recommended. For ladies, this means a blouse or sweater with a conservative skirt, dress pants, or a dress. For men, this means a dress shirt (probably button-down) with khakis or nice pants.

  1. After the interview: write and send a thank you note

Handwritten is preferred, but an email is fine too. This shows them how much the interview meant to you, allows you to express your gratitude, and keeps you in the back of their mind after the interview is over.

– Molly Little, Summer Marketing Intern

Blogs Can Change Your Business

Have you ever considered blogging on behalf of your business? If you haven’t, now is the time to start! Blogging can be a great way of building a brand identity or creating a platform for your voice to be heard. Creating a blog for your company can differentiate your business from competitors and bring positive long-term results. A successful blog can facilitate valuable discussion surrounding your brand, as well.

Many businesses have started blogging for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To establish authority in an industry
  • To get people interested in the goods or services offered
  • To draw online traffic
  • To convert and engage customers
  • To support social media objectives

You may be asking yourself, how can I make my blog successful for my company? Here are a few tips!

  • Post consistently. It will not be enough to draw in long-term customer engagement if you just post once every few months or once a year.
  • Provide relevant information. Remember who your customers are and who will be reading your blog. What information will interest them or be useful to them?
  • End your post with a call to action. Ask users to provide feedback, comment, engage with you in some way.
  • Mix up the format of your blog. You want to keep readers on their toes and keep them coming back for more.
  • Promote and share your blog. A good way to tell customers about a new blog is by posting on your social media! This way, if they aren’t subscribed or don’t regularly check your blog, they can find out about your latest post.
  • Make your blog easy to read. Create a clear, concise and self-explanatory opening to attract and keep readers. Use short paragraphs, headings, and subheadings, lists, bold, italics, etc.

Remember to be intentional about planning your blogging strategy. Who is your audience or targeted reader? Write for them.

Have questions about starting a blog? Want to establish leadership in your industry? Give our POTENZA marketing experts a call today!

– Molly Little, Summer Marketing Intern

How to be Savvy with your Marketing Strategies this Summer


Summer 2018 is in full swing, people! Summer is often seen as a time to relax, but there is no off-time in marketing. It’s important to have consistent branding and marketing efforts put in place year round. Summer is a key time for influential marketing techniques because everyone has the same “vacation” mindset, meaning you may have less competition. Do not lose momentum and risk missed opportunities.

Here are some strategies that can help you get the ball rolling this summer:

Host an event, maybe outdoors.
If you can stand being outside, host a cookout, “staycation,” or a sidewalk sale for your customers. Who doesn’t love FREE stuff? This is a great way to spend time with your customers and provide them with a memorable experience. ALSO, the more relevant to your business, the better. Make the event worth your customer’s time so they can spread the word.

Spend time updating your website and creating content.
There is usually a lot of downtime in the summer, even at work. Why not take this free time as an opportunity to update your company website or draft posts for the future? This way, you are using your time effectively. You can also keep this in your back pocket for when content creation is slow. Use this time to get a head start on planning an event or campaign coming up in the near future. Don’t forget to post a lot of pictures for your brand’s social media during the summer – think sunshine, smiling faces, bright colors, the outdoors. Make valuable use of the summertime!

Follow local events.
Get involved in your community! Take advantage of places that will attract crowds, whether it be a recreational area, festival, local shopping mall, or farmers market. Go where your customers are this summer.

Keep up with holidays that can inspire your marketing campaigns.
There are SO many quirky and fun holidays to latch onto that will allow your company to create a very unique and fun campaign. Check out some of the usual holidays that occur during the summer, followed by some unique holidays that you can mix in!

Usual holidays in 2018:
May 5 – Cinco de Mayo
May 13 – Mother’s Day
May 28 – Memorial Day
June 17 – Father’s Day
July 4 – Independence Day

Quirky holidays in 2018:
May 15 – National Wine Day
June 8 – Best Friends Day
June 14 – Flag Day
June 21 – Summer Solstice
July 11 – National Mojito Day
July 15 – National Ice Cream Day
July 22 – National Hammock Day
July 27 – Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day
August 4 – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
August 10 – National S’mores Day
August 13 – Left-Handers Day

Introduce summer sales or themed promos.
Tap into the fun summer your customers are having by hosting a social media vacation photo contest (keep in mind the social media contest rules from our earlier post)! You can also host a scavenger hunt around your town to get your customers involved with your brand. Another idea is to introduce hot weather promotional items, including koozies, fans, t-shirts, water bottles, etc. with your company’s logo on it. This way, your customers will think of you while they’re trying to keep cool this summer. You can also hold temperature-related sales; every degree the temperature rises past a certain number, they get an additional discount. This is a fun way to encourage people to visit your company or store, even in the sweltering heat.

Looking for more ways to spread your brand influence this summer? Our POTENZA marketing experts can help!

– Molly Little, Summer Marketing Intern

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