POTENZA Inc. is now a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner!

We are proud to announce that this month, POTENZA Inc. has officially upgraded to a Google Premier Partner. That means that POTENZA will now have an additional number of exclusive benefits to match a brand new badge of honor, highlighting our long-term success with Google AdWords.

Now, one may wonder what it means to be a Google Premier Partner. Well, besides meeting the highest standards and qualifying criteria, Premier Partners know AdWords inside and out. With everyone claiming to be an Adwords expert, Google created the Google Partner program to help business owners find a team that is qualified to handle the job. The highest level of their program is the Premier Partner, a tier reserved for only a small fraction of all Google Partners that have proven themselves to be the best of the best.

You may also wonder what the benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner are! We can assure business partners that we have done our homework, passed the Google certification tests, and managed to learn everything there is to know to help companies succeed with Google search ads! Google doesn’t award the Premier Partner, or any Partner badge, to just anyone who has passed their tests. All Premier Partners must actively manage and run successful AdWords campaigns, all while being closely managed and watched by Google.

Being a Premier Partner comes with great responsibility. Maintaining yearly certifications and meeting minimum performance standards are just a couple of the complicated tasks required to reach Premier Partner status. Each Premier Partner has a history of building successful AdWords campaigns that convert at a high rate – this ultimately means their campaigns are likely to make more money for your business.

Mastering AdWords is hard, but we’ve done it with the help of our loyal customers. We continue learning and mastering the systems to help us each grow, and we look forward to participating in this outstanding program for years to come. This will allow us to keep providing you the highest level of search marketing management and optimization services available!