Frankie Russo
Founder / CEO
Frankie has lead Potenza Inc. into becoming one of the fastest growing companies in America, making the INC 5000 list two years in a row. In 2014, he made the “20 under 40” list in Lafayette and most recently, he has published his first book titled “The Art of WHY”. Since the very beginning, Frankie has been the team captain of the Potenza super heroes.

Giorgio Russo
Co-Founder Potenza Creative / Chief Creative Officer
Giorgio is the co-founder of Potenza and the Chief Creative Officer. As the team leader of Potenza CREATIVE, Giorgio schemes the “method in the madness”. Always scoping new ideas, identifying new approaches to deliver content and design, and striving to make art that is memorable.

Brady Bowen
Chief Operating Officer

Aaron Lozier
Co-Founder Potenza Innovations / CTO
Aaron leads the technology super team, saving the world one computing headache at a time — the world at Potenza, we mean. He writes the lines between the lines. He is the secret-coder that allows us to build state-of-the-art software and technology that is effective, dynamic and user-friendly. Ok, fine, it’s not really a secret!

Natalie Sandoz
Chief Business Officer
It doesn’t just take a business woman to handle marketing, media buying and business — it takes a woman in charge. Tending to clients by ensuring their traditional marketing strategies are effective is Natalie’s prowess as a director.

Kayli Guidry
Director of Sales
When it comes to client relationships, nothing escape’s Kayli’s attention to detail. Her mission is to make sure communication between Potenza and the client is effective and that our service exceeds any client’s expectations.



Meredith Johnson
Account Specialist

Sierra Robinson
Account Specialist

Dianna Parrie
Finance / Human Resource

Joel Hebert
Creative Director

Nikki Vidos
Director of Strategy

Molly Billet
Senior Media Buyer

Noelle Savoy
Marketing Product Manager

Brandy Arnett
Creative Product Manager

Marie Duplechien
Traffic Coordinator

JD Mahoney
Production Manager

Logan LeBlanc
Director of Photography

Trevor Navarre
Lead Animator

Leah Boudreaux
Assistant Editor

Devin Murry
Graphic Designer

Jessica Clay
Graphic Designer

Lester Tisdale
SEM Specialist

Daisy Glankler
Director of Wholesale Operations

Steven Wickenheiser
Director of Interactive Marketing

Greg Trahan
Senior SEM Specialist

Bennett Dungan
Digital Attribution Specialist

Katherine Boulet
SEM Specialist

Brooke Gorman
Interactive Project Coordinator

Brittany Dworshak
Interactive Project Manager

Lauren Dooley
Interactive Marketing Specialist

Scott Durand
Software Support Manager

Brody Humble
Software QA/QC Manager

John Ezekial
Senior Software Engineer

Stewart Mink
Lead Software Engineer

Harold Simmons
Software Engineer

Ben Rogers
Lead Customer Service Specialist & QA/QC

Tonya Judd
Customer Service Specialist

Lizzie Viera
Software Support Specialist



Siva Chena
Director of India

Rakesh Devata
Software Team Leader

Vani Dinakar
Software Team Leader

Arun Kumar
Software Team Leader

Santosh Kumar
Senior Software Support

Dalinaidu Polaki
Frontend Developer

Subhash Chukka
Business & HR Manager(India)

Chaitanya Goud Madu
Backend Software Developer

Bhanujee Rao
Backend Software Developer

Kavitha Bodasingi
Backend Software Developer

Sainadh Chandaka
Backend Software Developer

POTENZA, Inc. is a family of creative, marketing, digital and technology companies who will help you build, implement, and manage an innovative strategy for your business.


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